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May 22, 2010
My husband decided recently that he wanted to have some chickens. My parents have had chickens for years, and after being spoiled by the farm fresh eggs, he decided to go for it. He was building me a second, larger compost bin at the time - of his own doing too, I didn't even ask! I was a bit surprised, but then got over it and started checking out BYC for coop design ideas. After a few weeks of researching, we've finally decided on a design! Our coop will be located inside our garage with a run outside between the side of the garage and the garden - we didn't want to mow that spot anyway!

The run will need to be walled in on the outside and screened at top, and the coop inside the garage will be accessible to the run through a small door in the garage wall. Basically it's going to look exactly like the coop my parents have had for years, just not in a barn. :) Oh and their run is just fenced in, which would be nice, but we don't have that luxury in our location. I should've posted yesterday after we talked about it and decided because now I'm really hazy on the details. We have 2 RIRs that are currently living at my parents' house. My husband has a lot of 4' pieces of different sized wood (1x2, 2x2, etc) that he bought a while back and sold off enough to pay for the entire amount of wood, so the coop is kinda free. Just labor is involved!

The coop inside will be 4x4 and to the ceiling, I believe. We will definitely have a poop board under the roost. The ladies currently do not use nest boxes, but I might throw a couple in anyway to see what they think. The run outside is 4x10 I think (should remember, just measured last night!) and will have a sandbox. Anyway, I'm excited! We finally have one planned! We had inspiration from a TON of coops on BYC, but especially Anny's Detroit Coop.
I was just thinking that since your run already has a wall, that adding a roof would keep the area dry, especially from roof runoff. It wounds like a lot of trouble at the start, but a dry run cuts down on almost all odor and is a pleasure to have!
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You know, I was thinking about that just this morning! I was considering doing like an awning that you'd see over a screen door. I think one of my relatives has one of the retractable ones that they don't want anymore. Do you think that would work? Also, how do you water in the run? The same style of waterer as in the coop? We are planning to use the bucket in a pan waterer.

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