We got a job!!!!!!!!!


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Feb 12, 2008
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Haven't been around much lately. Sure have missed being here, even if I don't post much. Everyone on the monthly quilt block are so helpfully and friendly, they are like your friends. I guess I should say everyone is helpful and frinendly I tried to make time to check
in least every few days. We have chicks hatching this week. Are waiting for the horse that boards here to have her foal any day. then the reason I haven't been around is,
DH and I took a chance and applied for a job. Working the security gate at a local steel mill. Didn't really think we would get a call back. Oh was I wrong. Two days later they call DH to come in and talk with them. The next morning they call to say bring your wife too. Well we applied for part time nights. We have been there 3 weeks, the frist week we have 48 hours next week 60 and this pasted week 55 - 58 hours. We are glad we didn't ask for full time work !!!!! With the way people are getting laid off I will not complian about our hours. We both feel very luck to have this job. We work tgether so that saves on gas. The hardest part about the job is staying awake. We are getting used to the new hours though. Justed wanted to say I have missed being here



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Aug 25, 2008
I am very happy for you both!


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Aug 25, 2008
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It is really nice to read about people GETTING a job instead of losing one!! Congrats and enjoy the pay the long hours bring!!!! It can get tiring but tired is better than unemployed FOR SURE!!!

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