We got chicks!

Bob L.

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Feb 26, 2010
Spencer Indiana
We thought our order from McMurry was suppose to come today "Monday" but we got em yesterday!

We built a brooder 4x8 with 18 in sides and made a removable divider so for now their in a 4x4 area for a week or two.
All chicks arrived in good health and took right to the food and water.
We added another tray type chick feeder last night.

In the box was,,

Two, Light Brahmas roos "one was free"

Five, Light Brahmas
Five, Buff Orpington
Five, White Rocks
Five, Black Australorp
Five, Partridge Rock
One, "free" rare exotic chick ?

Plus we got 6 chicks from the feed store saturday
Three R I Reds and three Barred Rocks

Hope we didnt get too many?
Too late to chicken out now!



When I got my first chicks I intended to only have about 10, maybe 15 tops, but they were so cute, and so sweet, and I quickly became addicted, and I know have 34 birds that are full grown, plus 82 eggs in the bators, and another 50+ eggs about to be on their way. Oh, I'm not intending to keep them all, I just don't have enough room, but I do plan to sell most of them so I have room to hatch some more out! How many is too many? I don't believe you can EVER have enough! Lol!
Awe!!! I have no clue how im going to make it till the end of my month for my chicks! Im so exicted! Your chicks are so cute! I was thinking about getting the Buff Orpingtons, but i settled on the polish and hamburgs. What's up with the marbles in the water?
We were excited about getting our chicks and waited 2 weeks on them.
Buff Orpingtons were some of our first chickens we had, we got them at the county fair and they were so calm & gentle and very good layers!
But fox and racoons got em,
were building a really secure 10 x 24 run for them this time, maybe bigger?
We put the marbles in the waterer after seeing it done here, it keeps their feet out of the water and is suppose to keep them from drowning?

Hang in there your chicks will be here before ya know it

Hi CC Mom !

34 birds, thats how many we have now.
If all your eggs hatch you'll be in peep city!
If we had the setup ready to hatch we would be doing it, when we lost all of our Orpingtons last fall we couldnt find any hens that were at or near laying age or they were just too much $!
We decided that buying adult chickens wasnt gonna happen again and raising the chicks is a lot of fun !

We were gonna get 12 chicks then thought we should get a few more incase we lost some.
Then we were looking at getting 16-18 but then found out the min order was 25.
But the price drop started at 26,
then the RIRs and Barred Rocks we wanted were sold out at the hatchery but we found them at the feed store.
There were a few more at the feed store we would have liked to have but thought we better have a stopping point somewhere!

We live between Bloomington and Spencer IN.


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