We got our first egg!!


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Jul 3, 2014
So we got our first egg from one of our little hens today. How come it was so small?? On a good note, the shell was nice and strong.
When a hen first starts laying the eggs are often smaller than they will end up being. They are called pullet eggs. This is because the hen is just getting going and her body is still ironing out the kinks in the eggs laying process. Her eggs will get bigger as she lays more :)
Like the above poster said, it's normal and will change as they get in the groove. Congrats on your egg!!
I was so excited to get my first that I text my whole family a picture lol good thing they're all chicken keepers so they understood my excitement
Ours started laying a couple weeks ago and the first eggs were 40 grams. Each egg got a little bigger as they went along. We even had one double yolker at 69 grams! Now they are about 50 grams each
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Well, about three weeks after our first egg, our flock of 18 is averaging about 3 eggs per day now. They are still small, averaging about 40 grams, but the average is going up. We had two soft-shelled eggs, which hasn't repeated. Our biggest egg to date is 47 grams. We still are waiting for our EEs to start laying and our two Australorps.

We got an "egg guide" out and discovered our eggs would be Grade AA. I've never seen a AA egg before ours began laying. The firmness of the yolk, it's uber-rich color, even the tightly bound egg white is so vastly different from store bought/commercially produced eggs. I am so proud of my wife for her hard work.

Best decision my better half has made in meeting our self-sufficient lifestyle and moves us ever closer to that goal!

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