we had our visit from the city today


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I was totally relieved when the code enforcer called to schedule an apt to make sure our rooster was gone. -i was deathly afraid he would just pop in and see hens/ducks/rabbits all over the house/yard. So I scheduled it 2 days out and spent the last 2 days scowering the house and yard trying to remove any evidence of the animals. I was up late cleaning the inside of the house and then couldn't sleep at all last night worrying. I woke up early this morning packed all the animals and removed them. Cleaned the house AGAIN. I'm 6 months pregnant btw- so this is especially exhausting!! So ten o clock rolled around. He knocked on the door came inside went straight to the backyard asked if that was the roosters house (I said yes its to heavy to move) he said if you have any other city code questions please give me a call or check our website. And he left. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes!!!!! I can't believe it! Omg!!

Funny side note: as soon as the animals were gone the wild birds desended on the back yard -blue jays doves sparrows finches. Lol. All the animals the chickens run off!!
Well that's up for debate. I read the county rules that said for my zone (small family residential) up to twenty with no rooster was fine. however he showed up from the city with a print out that said NO poultry or rabbits within 50 feet of any dweling- which pretty much makes it impossible to do so I'm sure I could go rounds with the city trying to prove my point but I just wanted them off my back and away from my property. Ill save that trouble for someone who has more time/energy to hash it out. I know tons of ppl have backyard flocks though. A month ago it was big local news that a black bear was getting into backyards and eating everyones chickens and avocados it lasted for about a week until they finally killed the bear
don't get me started on that soap box. But the bear went thru at least one yard a night and the news was interviewing neighbors who were all worried about their own flocks. My husband asked how do they get away with chickens - I said THEIR neighbors didn't call the city on them!
If you are within city limits, city code has jurisdiction; if you arenot within city limits, county code has jurisdiction. Each has their own zoning ordinances and what uses are/are not allowed.

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