We have a mess of keets!

ozark hen

Living My Dream
14 Years
Apr 4, 2007
Mansfield, MO
When I went out to feed this morning, as I passed my fenced in garden where my guinea hen is setting on 21 eggs, I told her good morning as I always do.................out popped 12 tiny heads!
OMG I am getting my "baby" fix!
I was getting so tempted to put some buff orp eggs in the bator to have layers by spring. Now I can hold off....for a little while
I hope lots more hatch. This is the first time I have let her hatch her own...she is a little over a year old and seems to be a great mom! I hope she keeps them within the garden to keep predators away. Not sure if I will try to catch them all and mom and put them in the big brooder cage inside the coop or not.

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