We have fry! *pic heavy*


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Hi there. One of our guppies gave birth to seven fry last night. I netted them all and put them in the little 'fry nursery' as I call it. So far they're all active and pooping. Sorry for the horrible quality photos- they're so tiny.

(the little orange oval things are the fry, by the way)

And the parents. I'm not sure who gave birth, but I think it was this one.

And one of my favorite males.

And the entire tank. The fry nursery is to the right :3

There are actually 15 guppies in there (not counting babies). I have way too many males, but I don't want to cull any. So far they haven't fought or anything, and the females seem fine, so I'm leaving them (I've got one more female than I have males. So that's 8 females and 7 males... not counting babies.) I have this really cool male who actually tore his tail right down the middle, so his name is DoubleTail. :3
Thanks :D Just got another two, who were both trying to get in with the seven. :3 One of the two is a little darker, I'm assuming he was JUST born, as he is very thin. He's now eating and swimming around :3 He gets a name, as I can tell him apart. His name is Smokey :3
Well- they're all healthy looking. Except Smokey. His eyes look wierd and he can't find food- which tells me he's blind. He spends most of the time in the corner, then spazzes out when something touches him. I crushed up some peas and used an eyedropper to feed him... he got some pea, which is good. I hope he'll be okay now.
Smokey is doing well. Instead of laying in the corner, he's jerkily swimming around in circles. Not like an illness though. He can find food now, yet is still thinner than the rest. He enjoyed his crushed peas today :3 I wasn't sure if he'd still be alive when I woke up this morning, but he was acting fairly normal. As normal as a blind fish can be.

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