We have started to hatch!

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    Well.....they arent due til Saturday. That will be day 32. Today is day 28 and I went to turn and candle the eggs for the very last time before hatching.....I feel and hear continual regular knocking and some peeping.....then low and behold.........There is a poke hole in 1 of the eggs! 2 are aggressivly rocking back and forth. 1 started 5 to go! Hopfully morning or mid morning we should have a duckling. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going to be ok with them after the hatch!
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    Mar 17, 2008
    good luck !!![​IMG]
  3. Any updates??
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    Jan 29, 2007
    Such an exciting time! May I ask at what temp and humidity that you kept throughout the hatch?

    I have some duck eggs in with chicken eggs and was wondering about that. I've been told to hatch them the same [​IMG]
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    Quote:2 more have started! The other 3 are tapping. I have kept the temp on 99.5-100.........I havent gone out to get e hygrometer....so Im not sure what the humidity is....I know Im bad....I have filled up all ditches in the tray. So....hopefully they will be ok.....I have been looking online for a digital hygrometer/thermometer combo. I may just run to Target and get one. Any suggestions on a decent inexpensive one that is pretty acurate?
  6. I found a combo for about 17.00 in a reptile pet store. It works better than my expensive digital.
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    Apr 7, 2008
    I found the one that I have at Radioshack. I don't know if you have those stores (electronics) in Florida but I believe you may. Mine is working fine and I paid about $20 for it. Although I saw a picture of a Taylor on this site and the usere told me they got it at a True Value store I believe and you may be able to get it at K-Mart. That one looks a little slimmer and more compact than the one I have.

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    Ok we have 4 that have poked holes.....I went and bought a digital hygrometer/thermometer and its reading 100.0 ....my humidity is 89%. Should I put a bowl of water in there to bump up the humidity snd lower the temp? All the trays are full with no room to fill. Im scared that the humidity needs to be higher. It seems like its going way too slow! I have one that has made a larger hole!!!!! [​IMG]
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