We may have confused Geese.


Mar 17, 2018
Hi, we bought two goslings from the local market last year and were asked if we wanted a Мъж (gander) and Жена (goose). To which we replied yes, please.
So since then we have thought the grey one was a gander and the white one was a goose (especially due to the size of her undercarriage). Anyhow, this spring we have seen the grey one mating with the white one and eggs have started to appear. Brilliant! However, both the white one and the grey one sit on the nest (which doesn't overly concern us). But what does concern us is that we have noticed that the white one (which we thought was the goose) gets on top of the grey one seemingly mating with it. We are now very much afraid that we have two female geese and that the eggs are sterile.
Has anyone else experienced a goose and a gander swapping positions while mating (ie. taking turns at being on top). Or is it as we suspect, we have two females?
Many thank in advance for any advice.
Sometimes the females may mount the males out of dominance, but it is possible that you have two females. Males sitting on the nest to help isn't unheard of though. Do you have any pictures of your geese or do you know what breeds they are?
As promised two photos of the geese (one of the pair together and a close up of the white one)

The white one we thought was the goose and the grey one we thought was a gander. But as we said at the start of the thread we now think they both might be female and are now laying sterile eggs.


Hi, thanks for the reply. unable to tell you how often they are laying. I know there were several (ten to a dozen) last time I was able to gain access to the nest. Neither seem interested in sitting on the nest for more than a few hours though. I'm going to pop out now and see if I can get at the nest again to count. I'll keep you updated.
Neither seem interested in sitting on the nest for more than a few hours though.
Right now they just use the nest for laying the eggs. When they feel they have enough eggs, they'll start sitting on them to hatch them. But as you take the eggs, they'll keep laying for a longer period.
My goose usually starts laying right about now, and she keeps laying until late June/early July because I take the eggs.

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