1. HorsesRMe123

    Goose Beak Bleeding From Injury

    So earlier today this morning I went to feed my geese and chickens. I opened the goose coop and grabbed their food dish and when I went to close the door, my gander (Oliver) came up to tell me I needed to leave (because he can be aggressive as you all know geese are). He peaked his head out and...
  2. amynw

    Gapeworm????? New thread, HELP

    This is a new thread for a thread I posted with questions a few days ago. Im hoping more people see this with advice. Background: male goose started "squeaking" and had diarrhea. Next day, began shaking his head as if something was lodged in his throat. Friday Update: *****HELP****sound of...
  3. A

    My emden gander has eye problems.

    Hello everyone! I have a 16 year old emden gander. Two months ago, I noticed he started having trouble with his vision but his eyes still looked clear and with no drainage. About a month ago, his right eye had become foggy and he was blind in that eye. I figured this was just a normal aging...
  4. F

    Male or Female? Toulouse

    Can somebody please help? What number of males/females do we have? Sorry I couldn't get a video of them talking, they are very quiet.
  5. C

    Problem with Pilgrim Gander

    Hello, all, One of the Chicken Men told me that one of our year-old Pilgrim ganders is doing poorly. Here's a list of his symptoms: Listless/Lethargic Walks slowly around the pen; not doing any fast waddling or 'running' right now Isn't eating Has lost weight; he's a big boy too, so, for the...
  6. Goosebaby

    A gander with mysterious chronic illness

    Parsnip has had an ongoing illness or illnesses since last year, it started with his bill changing color, he was expieriencing symptoms of liver disease and/or pancreatitis, the two other threads addressing that are here...
  7. HorsesRMe123

    URGENT!!! What are some characteristics that can differentiate a male and female White Chinese goose?

    My White Chinese geese are 9 1/2 weeks old. I really hope at least one is female. I notice that one of them stands tall, has a higher pitched voice, has a smaller vent, tends to be noisy and has a larger developed knob (the one eating grass in the picture). While the other likes to stand more...
  8. Goosebaby

    Genetics question

    I have a gosling that I initially thought was a buff, but I noticed he has blue eyes. My two girls that are the possible moms are a Classic Roman and an American Buff. More than likely the Roman is the mom. The possible dad’s are Leo and Parsnip, French Toulouse, and French Toulouse? Leo is...
  9. Kimmyh51

    Do broody geese have a different call like ducks do?

    I have a lot of ducks, but this is the first spring (in a couple of months down under) where I will Hve a female goose. And I was watching a YouTube video of a goose on eggs, and her call is quite different to what my gander and goose sound like which made me wonder whether geese have a...
  10. Goosebaby

    What turns a goose beak yellow?

    I’m receiving conflicting information and I’m honestly confused. A normal Toulouse goose’s beak should be orange, persimmon seems to be the exact shade mine generally have. I’ve read that if their bill turns yellow it’s a sign of jaundice, like in chickens when their comb turns yellow. But...
  11. Duckwrestler404

    What breed of gosling?

    Just went to the local feed store, and picked up a white/yellow goose and was wandering what breed it is, I was thinking embden or white Chinese, there is also a picture of all of them at feed store
  12. Goosebaby

    Gander refusing to eat

    My gander Parsnip hasn’t willingly eaten anything besides his favorite treats (blueberries, grapes) in the last two weeks. His digestion has been slow so I know he was constipated though I didn’t know if it was because of a partial blockage, inflammation, or another issue. The last few days he’s...
  13. servpolice

    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    So, I was waiting for someone to make this thread but I got a suprise this morning on the 1st of January 2020 which forced me to start the 2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long :) I've never had a goose egg this early and everyone here is suprised but yet again not suprised because the mating, fighting and...
  14. DiYMama540

    Goose genetics and DNA

    Hey all! Hope you're ready for the holidays because here they come!! :th And then it's that special time of year where our feather babies turn crazy and make babies of their own! So, today's question is... If Chance the gander and BB goose hatch babies, will they be auto sexing? Chance (M)=...
  15. daynedoe

    Please help! Goose having problems standing.

    Hello. About two days ago, I came home and found one of our geese laying on the ground being pecked at by a half-blind female turkey. The turkey didn't do any damage (she can't really see so she was missing), but when I picked him up he flapped out of my arms and proceeded to fall forward with...
  16. Goosebaby

    Gander losing weight, pale beak

    I’m reposting here at the suggestion of others. My 7 year old gander has a pale beak and is losing weight. He is a French Toulouse. His apatite seems fine, he’s eating a lot his food is digested, no whole bits passing through. No blood in his droppings Droppings are brown and a little watery. I...
  17. Goosebaby

    Gander losing weight, pale beak

    I made a post before but it went unnoticed, so I guess I’ll try again. My 7 year old gander has a pale beak and is losing weight. His apatite seems fine, he’s eating a lot his food is digested, no whole bits passing through. No blood in his droppings Droppings are brown and a little watery. I...
  18. T

    Need help to sex my pomeranian geese

    Hello! First time goose wrangler here, and I have 9 Pomeranian geese that are now 5 months old. Here in indiana there seems to be a goose shortage, so I’d like to try breeding these guys in the spring, but I’m having a heck of a time sorting out which are males/females to start planning out my...
  19. T

    Our Sebastopol gander has become aggressive!

    One of our hens hatched Sunshine in April from an egg I bought from an area farmer. He lived in the house for weeks until the weather was warm enough for him to be outside. We held him, talked to him, and every night, he sat on my husband’s lap while he watched TV. I have read that Sebastopols...
  20. Gooseopolis

    Do your birds lie? I caught mine! Have a laugh!!!

    I have four Chinese Geese and they love to “talk”. On this day (before they had goslings) they would come and “knock” on the back sliding glass door. They arrived 2 days old and were raised in the house. They are not scared to come in the kitchen for a treat. Anyway this video will show my...
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