1. T

    Our Sebastopol gander has become aggressive!

    One of our hens hatched Sunshine in April from an egg I bought from an area farmer. He lived in the house for weeks until the weather was warm enough for him to be outside. We held him, talked to him, and every night, he sat on my husband’s lap while he watched TV. I have read that Sebastopols...
  2. Gooseopolis

    Do your birds lie? I caught mine! Have a laugh!!!

    I have four Chinese Geese and they love to “talk”. On this day (before they had goslings) they would come and “knock” on the back sliding glass door. They arrived 2 days old and were raised in the house. They are not scared to come in the kitchen for a treat. Anyway this video will show my...
  3. DiYMama540

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Anyone have experience with cotton patch geese? I've found a breeder that is about 2 hrs from me, and honestly the heritage breed conservation intrigues me. I'm considering getting a pair and seeing how it goes. Wondering about their general temperament and noise level? I do have neighbors...
  4. S

    Goose or Gander?

    Hello! This is Honkers, my 11 week old African Grey Goose. I get him/her as straight run, so I am curious as to what sex s/he might be!
  5. Playford Flats Farm

    Amount of Geese vs Ganders

    I’m new to geese this year, and I’m used to chickens. I have three breeds, Roman Tufted, Pomeranian Saddlebacks and Brown Chinese. I have two of each breed, and I believe one female of each and one male of each. That puts me at three geese and three ganders. With chickens, that ratio is way...
  6. I

    How's my gander?

    Hi everyone, this is my embden gander. I'm not going to exhibit him (stressful for the both of us) but I've always wanted to know how well he'd do. PS he barely scratches the minimum height/weight requirements of a girl goose at 2'2" and 20 lbs, so we joke that he'll be a winner if we register...
  7. Ducks and geese7

    Goose with infected eye. HELP!

    I noticed yesterday that my gander was closing one of his eyes and has been doing so this morning. It doesn't look swelled but his eyes changed from blue to a darker green\brown color. There is a clear liquid coming from his eye. The other eyes is completely fine. Other than that he seems fine...
  8. HereChickies

    Gender and sexing questions..

    Hello all! I rescue animals who need a good home and today I picked up 2 geese. I was told they were Pilgrim Geese. After picking them up I quickly realized they were not pilgrim geese but what I believe to be African Geese. Can anyone give me some insight of what they might be as to breed and...
  9. Squeak61

    Noisy male goose

    Hello everyone! I had a quick question regarding my gander. He currently lives with one male duck. Anytime I’m outside and then leave, the goose starts screaming his head off for the next ten minutes. Im not sure if he’s upset that I’m leaving, or what. Would having another male goose with him...
  10. SniperGoose

    Have you ever had a hen attack a bird that was attacking you?

    One of my Speckled Sussex hens, Ruby, is quite the character. She's 4 years old now and is generally a calm, curious, and gentle hen. I was outside snuggling her today and it made me remember last year when she attacked my gander who was attempting to attack me (this was in the spring, when he's...
  11. GreatGranny

    We are supposed to have 4 female geese... But?

    We got our first goose eggs today and right on time!! Three big beautiful eggs! But two of the eggs had the "bullseye" on them when we cracked them open!? :confused: I know that with chicken eggs this means they are fertile! We are supposed to have 4 female geese but our crossbeak goose...
  12. SarahSmalls

    Gorgeous white Chinese Ganders for Sale

    I'm looking to sell my two pure white Chinese Ganders (Derek and Bluey). Derek is a year and a half and Bluey is 6 months old. Bluey is Dereks son (so we know he is able to reproduce, he has fathered 3 goslings already). They get along with all other poultry (turkeys, ducks, chickens (including...
  13. jsullivan704

    Tips for knowing gender of a goose?

    I have a goose named Jeffery he/she is only 9 weeks old, I have been going back and forth whether it’s a male or female. It’s an emden. I’m too nervous to try and vent sex and i think they are a little old for that? I’m not sure. I’m very new to this. Here’s a picture of Jeffery.. (and sammy in...
  14. cyrano8559

    We may have confused Geese.

    Hi, we bought two goslings from the local market last year and were asked if we wanted a Мъж (gander) and Жена (goose). To which we replied yes, please. So since then we have thought the grey one was a gander and the white one was a goose (especially due to the size of her undercarriage)...
  15. LittleDinosaur

    Keeping a single Gander?

    I currently have 2 cocks and 29 hens, 1 guinea cock and 1 guinea hen. The guineas are great at keeping the aerial predators away, haven't lost a chicken to a hawk since getting guineas, however I do have trouble with foxes and weasels. I've heard that large breed geese are good at warding off...
  16. Englishable

    Adding more geese?

    Last year we got a breeding pair of French Toulouse goslings. I'm thinking about ordering some more (perhaps two more females and one more male). Will this work, or would our adult gander claim any new females and pick on a new male? Or should I get them in pairs?
  17. nightowl223

    Drowned goose heartbreak

    Last year I had to admit defeat and agree I had 2 ganders. This spring I got 2 African goslings, and raised them with love. They were Messy ( originally named Mesi, an African name meaning Water Woman, but she was a he), a gander, and Bem (unisex African name meaning Peace), who developed into a...
  18. K.Riggs

    Geese breed?

    I just think that my gander is actually a Tufted Roman not Embden. The man i got them off said Embded Toulouse cross so i just thought the gander must have a crest. But in my research the only ones with the tuft are the Tufted Roman? He does have blue eyes. So maybe still crossed with an Embden...
  19. S

    how to integrate geese and ducks? (and a turkey)

    Hi all, im brand new here, so hoping a dont sound like an idiot, I brought a whole lot of animals from a lady that was moving from the country. I now have 5 muscovy ducks, 1 turkey male, and 2 geese. (they all living happily together) now i have gotten my lovely geese a gander. and he is...
  20. gothicangelnico

    Goose losing his voice

    When I was leaving to go out of town last Thursday I went to go say goodbye to my gander, Goose, who is 4 years old and he was squeaking. He's gradually lost his voice a bit and not honking well. He's eating. There's no discharge from his nose. It's been pretty hot here and he and his sister...
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