Do broody geese have a different call like ducks do?


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Nov 16, 2015
I have a lot of ducks, but this is the first spring (in a couple of months down under) where I will Hve a female goose. And I was watching a YouTube video of a goose on eggs, and her call is quite different to what my gander and goose sound like which made me wonder whether geese have a different call or gestures like ducks do when broody?

If so can someone please post a YouTube link or video of a broody goose?

Also I read that parents raise goslings till they are 2. Does this mean a goose won’t lay in her first year?

And if my goose does lay some eggs this year, how vicious do they get lol? My gander gets all broody over every domestic duck who hatched ducklings so I can already guess he’s going to be super protective of the girl, eggs and goslings. Just wondering whether if I decided to remove some of the eggs from the nest (I really only want her to sit on 2-3 eggs) I am going to be full on attacked both of them lol. The girl will only be one in spring, I got her recently for my rescued gander. She’s an absolute sweetheart so far, and so is Goosey (the gander) though he gets a bit strutty and cocky when there are ducklings are around.

Also wondering what the hatch rate tends to be for naturally incubated goslings, and also what success (or lack thereof) people have had with incubating goose eggs, as I had thought I would like to possibly incubate one of the eggs in my incubator. If artificial incubation has a much lower hatch rate, maybe I can just nick one close to hatch day and hatch it in the bator (I would love to raise a human imprinted gosling, hoping one might love me a little longer than ducklings...(who in my experience tend to forget their human ‘mummy’ exists from about 6 weeks old when they start spending a lot more time with the rest of the flock...)

Hoping a goose person can give me some advice, or maybe someone who has a lot of experience with ducks and geese can answer my questions while ‘comparing and contrasting with ducks 🦆’ lol 😆

If breed is relevant the male is rescued so not sure of breed but I am guessing pilgrim as he is lighter 5han what I read emblems are and also has some sort of greyish shadows in his feathers that I have seen in photos of pilgrim ganders. The girl is Sebastopol or Sebastopol x and was given to me a couple of months ago.

Here is a video of them



Nov 10, 2019
I haven’t heard unusual sounds from my girls when on the nest, if you could post a video of your’s it might help. Is it that the sound of their voice has changed or is she just making different sounds than usual?
Unusual changes in voice can sometimes be a symptom of Asper.

Aggression in geese depends on a few factors.
1 is personality, some are more agreeable than others.
2 is what your relationship is with them.
If you get along great with them they won’t even blink an eye if you pick up one of the goslings, you’re basically a third parent in their eyes.
If they “tolerate” you, they you may have some issues getting near the babies.
If they can’t stand you expect bloodshed once the tiny folk hatch.

If all the eggs are theoretically fertile hatch rates depend on the goose, how expierienced she is on the nest.
I usually leave incubation up to my girls, this year I have two yearling girls that laid probably 30 eggs between them. They had no idea what they were doing and so their daily breaks from the nest lasted around an hour or more. None of those eggs hatched.

I had taken six of their eggs initially and given them to an older goose, her daily break lasted a few minutes only, she guzzled water, wolfed down some food, and then she was back on the nest. She just hatched out 4 of the 6 this last week.

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