We will hopefully have baby goats any day!!!

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My wife and I got a pregnant Nigerian dwarf doe. This will be our first baby goat. We have had plenty of baby animals of all kinds but new to goats. We got her a couple of weeks ago and she was housed with a bunch of other goats (bucks included). They said they were not sure if she was pregnant or not but she was huge. She is a first time mom and the day we got her home my wife and I could feel babies. Her udders were starting to come in. Her stomach has looked way lower the past couple days and her hips look really hollow. She is laying down a lot today. Her legaments are still hard. I don't know anyway to tell any better and we have no idea when she was bred. Any advice on how to tell when she will kid so we can make sure we are ready. Also any advice what to do in the process please let us know. Like I said we have had many baby animals but brand new to goats. Thanks in advance for the advice
All the things you mentioned are precursors to delivery. Except ligaments will get soft too. I would prepare for kids. Udder will get full and nipples will point out, sometimes right before or weeks before. Good luck!
We'll her utters are starting to fill out but they are not huge like o have reread about. her nipples are pointing out towards her legs if you look from behind but the udder is still hard to see. The babies are moving a lot we can stand back and watch her belly move. How often should I be checking her legaments. I want to make sure we are on top of it But I don't want to keep going in her pin and bothering her. Thanks!
When the ligaments soften, she should give birth within 24 hours. You only really need to check once-twice a day to avoid stressing her out too much. First time mommas generally don't have large udders. Some don't really bag up until after the birth.

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