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10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Murfreesboro, TN
I have a young chick, arrived early this morning, it has been having trouble all day. It was very tired when it arrived and never really got moving. I assumed it probably wouldn't make it, however, it has been over 12 hours and it is still hanging on. I have gotten it to drink, and when helped it drinks a good amount and perks up for a while. We just got it some yogurt and electrolytes and it has perked up quite a bit, it is actually chirping now and standing pretty well. Is there hope for this chick to make it if we keep up with these feedings? He hasn't eaten on his own really, but is vigorous when helped. Any insight would be appreciated.

*After messing with him some more, we are wondering, could a leg injury keep him from being able to move toward the food/water. He wants badly to eat/drink on his own but he is terribly wobbly to one side. He seems to have little control of his leg or leg. Is there anything we can do for him if this is the case?
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