Weak, thin pullet. Is this coccidia?

Mrs Ugh

Sep 16, 2017
Central Virginia
Edie couldn't walk this morning and she is very thin. She is about 14 weeks old I think. She is housed with three other pullets. I though some poop looked suspect, so I treated their water with Corid (5 days strong dose, 5 days the preventive dose). I couldn't tell who was the sick one because they are not too friendly! I came home from out of town for 3 days and this morning she couldn't get out on her own. I have isolated her, given her some nutri-drench and she has pecked some watered down food No one else seems sick. Any thoughts? Please help. I don't think she will last long.pictures are the poop, when I got her (the welsummer) and now.


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This is how I handle a sick chicken like yours. After doing a round of Corid for everyone, if there's a chicken not showing improvement, but is actually declining in spite of Corid treatment, the sick chicken gets a ten-day round of amoxicillin. Then if the chicken continues to decline, I usually euthanize.

To take most of the guess work out of it, it's a simple matter to gather a sample of the poop, usually a smudge of it on a cotton ball is sufficient, and send it to a lab for analysis. Ask for a fecal float and a gram stain analysis which will find whether coccidia are still present and if a secondary infection is present. The gram stain result will indicate what antibiotic will be most effective.

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