weak yolk, blood in yolk and fluid in egg


11 Years
Jan 29, 2012
I am from Texas and recently we have had a vast amount of rain. Before this our lakes were 8 feet under norms, now they are filled or over flowing. During this time one of my egg customers called and said my eggs are not right, they look scrambled on the inside with blood and a watery substances in them. We had not eaten any in about a week, so I go to check. Sure enough water and the yolk had no form. We thought it might be worms, so we wormed them. No good. Next we got online and discovered something about molded feed.The next time we filled our feed bin my husband took it apart and on the bottom there it was molded feed that smelt like beer.

Since then we have stuck the feed in a different container and under a shelter where the rain can't get to it. So far it has been about a week. I have had four eggs a day for the last 3 days and each was normal. I hope this helps someone else with similar problems.
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