Wearing red around rooster

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    May 1, 2013
    Just an anecdote to share, My wife went to get eggs a couple days ago and our free range maran rooster attacked her leg from behind. When she told me about it I noticed she was wearing a bright red overcoat. I knew chickens were attracted to red so I told her that maybe he thought she was a big red rooster.
    Sure enough, today I went out to get eggs with my LL Bean red "brawny man" shirt on and he went nuts. Came at me twice, at which point I booted him into the electric fence. He then ran off. I started flapping my shirt like big red wings to see his reaction, he went nuts again. Put on a grey shirt, he acted like I wasn't even there (normal). I actually wan't him to get more aggressive than he has been (flock protection) Just thought this was interesting
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    I have a rooster that doesn't like cell phones. The only time he's ever flogged me was while I was on a cell phone when checking for eggs. The second I put the phone away, he had no more issue - and has never flogged me again after that, and it was 3 years ago.

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