Weasel has killed half my flock...

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Aug 18, 2016
They are all (what's left of them) in my mud room in cages until we can figure out how to reinforce our coop/duck pen.

Three of my ducks were injured on their necks and were walking stooped over with a crooked neck for about a week. They are more or less eating normally, enjoying some supervised swimmy time, etc..

One of them was more severely injured than the other ones. She hasn't eaten in almost 2 weeks but is taking water (with some ACV in it). Yesterday, her legs wouldn't support her and she toppled over and just lay on her side with her beak slowly opening and closing. I thought she was done for.

Today, I come home from work and she's sitting and trying to get up (she's still super wobbly). I have her in a cage by herself as the other ones were stepping all over her. She enjoyed swimmy time and is resting quietly.

Do you think she's had a stroke? There are really no vets around here that see ducks and if she is having strokes, there's nothing that can be done anyway...

Any suggestions? I was going to get her that water additive from Tractor Supply tomorrow with the vitamins and see if that can perk her up.

I've only had chickens/ducks for about 3 years and this is the first severe attack we've had.


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Getting enough nutrition into them while they are recovering may be a challenge. Tube feeding can be something you might want to try 2-3 times a day. Search at the top of this page for "go team tube feeding." KayTee baby bird food from pet stores can be given as well as fluids. How did you know a weasel was responsible? Were the heads missing? That can also be a sign of raccoons. I also had a pair of hawks that did that during the day outside to a hen. Wry neck can be treated with vitamin E and selenium. Poultry Nutridrench or Poultry Cell vitamins can be given 1 ml per every. 3 pounds of weight. Eggs, tuna, and sunflower seeds are also good sources of selenium.

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