Jul 3, 2020
I am wondering ... can my ducks be in their run until 10 pm ( dark at 5 here now), which has a roof and is very secured with 1/2 x 1/2 hardware wire and layers of wire skirts 12-14 deeps plus out three feet with 8 tons of pea gravel .. ? Could a weasel get into that ?
Do I need to put them in the coop as soon as it gets dark?
Do the chickens have access to the coop through the run? Chickens have the instinct to return to their coop when it starts getting dark.
Oh it’s my ducks... there isn’t a coop ... attached but I bring them inside still at night ... they seem to enjoy hanging in their pen until about 9 pm
... but I was not sure if they need to Be in at dark

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