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    Jul 1, 2009
    Here is a link to the dummy store I made: http://whitehousequail.comeze.com/cart/ on a free webhost provider.

    Some features are:

    *Easy ordering
    *Easy back-store management
    *Multiple ways of adding payment
    *Auto chat with your gmail account
    *Unlimited products
    *Unlimited categories
    *Easy editor, so when you want to create yourself a page, you just drag and rop! (Like the BYC page editor)
    *Image hosting, so you can host your own images using the easy tool!
    *Manage mailing lists
    *Guest customers don't have to create an account
    *Multiple stores-EG One for your homemade crafts, one for your chickens!
    *And more!

    Note: We don't require payment until you are happy with how your store looks. Then, we can give you the keys to the city! [​IMG]

    Here is a picture of one of the back room screens:


    Options you can add on:

    $10.00 a year-->Domain name (www.yournamehere.com) and hosting
    $3.00 one time fee-->Free domain name and hosting (yournamehere.comeze.com or yournamehere.co.cc or yournamehere.something else.com)
    If you have your own domain, just let us have access to it and you'll have a store!

    PM me if you want access to the management section! You will have access for 100% free!

    (Oh, and this store is working. You can buy quail eggs there, too! [​IMG] )

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