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Hi all,

I am at a loss as to what part of the index this question would go under. Hopefully this is the right one. I live on an acre and a half and today I sprayed weed killer on the entire lawn. I usually let the chickens out to free range once a day for about an hour or so but I am sure I cant now that I sprayed. There is no useful information on the label saying when it may be safe to allow animals that eat greenery on the sprayed areas. The only reference to animals is to keep them off of the lawn until after the product has dried. I think I may error on the side of caution and wait a couple of weeks. Any input on how long I should wait? Thanks.
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Many purists say not to treat the lawn with weed killer where the birds free range. I guess I would wait a couple of weeks, because when I have treated around raspberry bushes ECT the packaging directed to do it at least 2-3 weeks before harvest.

I have decided to embrace the weed in certain areas, because my birds love to eat dandelions and many other weeds, but I'm lucky enough to live almost a half mile from my neighbor.
I would wait for it to rain.....
Call the manufacturer's phone number. It should be on the package, and ask them.

If there is no phone number on the package, look up the product on-line and they will have a way to contact them, if only through email.
Once the active ingrediant begins to do it's job just a day or so depending on what you applied, it will then run it's course and kill the weed. In a day or so just water it in to rinse the grass. then it should be Ok to let them out in it.
I would wait until the weeds are gone and a good rain. Our yard looks terrible this year and is becoming mostly weeds. We've been putting off the weed killer due to the girls free ranging at night.
I don't apply weedkiller or fertilizer to my lawn. One reason is they are a tiny " bb" size. I have noticed these bb's on friends lawns many weeks and rainfalls later. I would bet that chickens would gobble those up. I don't think it would do them any good and may be toxic to them. Any thoughts.

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