Week old Ameraucauna constantly pecking


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
We have two week-old Ameraucaunas and one of them constantly pecks/grooms the other. They are supposedly both hens. The victim doesn't seem to mind most of the time, but we are new to having chicks and wondered if this was normal for chicks so young or should we invest in some kind of product to keep them from hurting each other. They are in a rabbit hutch and cry when we separate them! We'd like to keep both of them and appreciate the feedback!
There's a reason for the idiom "pecking order"!

Unfortunately, this is why those raising chickens in crowded conditions debeak them.

So, the behavior you're observing is natural, but in some cases can be cause for concern. If they have enough space and aren't too stressed they (and you) will be fine. (They'll peck no matter how much space you give them - they just won't be so stressed that they are sure to hurt each other.)
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chicks do this when they are exploring their world. I have a hard time watching when chicks peck another's eye! but eventually they get over it. can you put in greens, or something else for them to peck? how many do you have?
Thanks! We only have the two ladies and she seems to be grooming more than pecking, and it is not the eyes (thank goodness) but the wings and tail. They seem happy so hopefully it is just natural and they won't hurt each other.

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