Week old chick collapsed-HELP!


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7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
I have a week old poland chick who was under it's mum then when I came out to check on them this morningI found a chick dangling from its neck from it's mums feathers because they were stuck togeather for some reason. I puled the feather out and held the limp chick believing it was dead. When it moved, I realised it wasn't.
I took it inside and put it under the heat lamp with a little water and food then had to leave, I wasn't too worried bacause other than being a little cold the chick was chirping strongly. When I arrived back (just now) it had moved away from the heat lamp (far enough to have walked) but then had collapsed again! Again, I thought it was dead but it wasnt. It's now back under the heat lamp but keeps twisting it's head back and seemed to have difficulty breathing but has started breathing normally now.
Could this be wry neck as a result from spinal damage from being dragged around by its neck this morning by its mum? What should I do?
I don't have any vitamins on hand and the shop that sells all the stuff closes early (is already shut).

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