Week Old Chick: Will not eat, is weak, rarely opens eyes. PLEASE HELP!


May 3, 2015
I have six Ameraucana chicks, and I am very concerned for one of them. She is very weak, her eyes rarely open, she is small and skinny, The runt. All the other chicks have grown, and eat and drink well, while when I try to get this chick to stand, just falls back down. I have seen her drink from our waterer, however she will not eat the food from the feeder. For the past few days I have been hand feeding her warm egg yoke mixed into water. She took that. Does anyone know what may be ailing my chick? Please help!
I have a 4 day old chick acting very similar. I'm new at this so not sure what to do. She will eat if I put some foot in my hand and hold her. She only drinks if I put her beak in the water or sort of force her to drink from my hand. She was doing find the first couple of days but these last two days it's like she doesn't want to walk. She sort of limps on her right leg but I can't see or feel anything wrong with it. She is also the smallest of all my chicks.
Maybe they need vitamins? I've been reading non-stop to try and find answers. I posted in the baby chick page but haven't gotten an answer from one of the experts on here. :(

Hope your chick livens up soon. Oh I took mine out of the big brooder and put her in a smaller one with two little chicks. I have 22 in a big brooder and some are 9 days old so I thought maybe they were too rambunctious for her and hurt her but so far she isn't perking up. My husband says I shouldn't get so attached and this is just how it is but it's too late. I'm already attached to the little furball I've dubbed "Squirt"
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I wish I could say I knew what was ailing both of your chicks, but I don't really -it could be a number of things. (Hopefully someone else will be able to help more!)
In the meantime, you should probably add some Sav-a-Chick Electrolytes to their water, so to give them some extra energy -it may help to perk them up a bit. If the chicks will take it, then feeding cooked egg yolk and water mash is good.

Good Luck! Hope they all recover!
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Are they acting not well. Try looking up diseases that match your birds
Do they look lik caccdioses
I would get them on a broad spectrum antibiotic like terramycin also known as terra 10 or duramycin while your narrowing down the what might be wrong
There are chicks that are called non-starters. For some reason they just fail to start eating and kind of go downhill. It could be they had a small yolk and the hatching process took much out of them. So, I would give these chicks extra vit/min supplement (could be a lack of one with the one with the walking problem) and try to syringe feed them some soft runny foods(raw yolk with baby jar food) to perk them up. Also, make sure the chick starter is finely ground. Crush it if you have too. Sometimes the crumble is just too large for the little chicks. Keep an eye out for pasty butt when feeding them this special food.
To add to mrsbachbach is you have gro gel I would use it or place the start on cardboard and place the chick on it

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