Weekly short story writing contests!

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I saw @chicken3fly s writing contest and really like it but it's a larger one. This is just a simple weekly short story writing contest with a theme.


odviously don't copy others work.
If another story inspired your short story then tell us.
try to keep it fairly family friendly. I'll allow some violence though.
last week's winner will be posted each Sunday.
That winner will post a new theme.
Each week's contest will end Saturday night.

This week's theme will be to write a short story from an enemy's perspective. (It can be your enemy, your chickens enemy, an antagonist in a story, ect...)
Chickens enemy: Chickenhawk ( The Chicken Hawk )

It's time for me to do my hunt for lunch. ( soars out of his tree )
Oh, Look! Chickens! The same 6 I see every day, except they are free range today! Yes! I love a Jucy treat! Hailey ( leader of flock ) said Look! A Chicken Hawk! Get in the coop Pronto girls! Chicken Hawk soars down to scoop up Hailey who is standing in the doorway of the coop protecting her flock. Bam! Hailey kickfliped The chicken hawk in the head! OWW! That Hurt You chicken! Thankfully for the chickens he was a scaredy chicken hawk! He flew away and was never seen again. The chicken flock was saved thanks to their fearless leader Hailey!
( of course this was made up, but there is a chicken hawk around. )

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