weezer is crop bound -i 'am pretty sure

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    follow up---i,ve been massageing weezer's crop every day---it goes down , then fills up again , i,ve also given her the yogert and olive oil mixture-[​IMG]--and she's still doing the weird head thing----i checked the web and they said avet can slit open the crop and empty and stitch back up---well saturday , i called our vet---and he said he probally ,maybe can do---no one has ever brought him a chicken for fixing up , he said it would be cost preventative---when i asked how much---he said probally arround 75 to 90 bucks--[​IMG].i mentioned to the wife and she suggested i get my head examined instead of weezer----i'am at a loss---what should i do next---she dosen't seem to be suffering --just acting weird and not eatting like she normally does--------------also , if i have to cull--how do i do it humanely---i'am not squimish by any means , i,ve rung plenty of pheasant and partridge's necks over the years when i used to bird hunt-- but they wern't a pet chicken named weezzer---suggestions and help please

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