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May 22, 2007
Greeneville, Tn
What are you using to weigh your chickens? When they were chicks I used the in home kitchen scale but now they be too big. I need to keep track of weights for breeding purposes.
I have a digital scale that I step on with and then without a chicken. Just subtract my weight and you have chicken's weight to the tenth of a pound.
I use a small digital scale that I bought off EBAY for $19.95. It has a 10"x12" platform. I put a box on the scale before turning the scale on & it automatically zero corrects. Then I put the bird in the box.
I am glad to hear that you are considering weight as a breeding factor, few people do. Weight is a breed characteristic & can be a disqualifying factor in a show.
In the "old days" birds were routinely weighed at shows but not any more. Today if we weighed birds many would be disqualified for being too large [Cochin Bantams] or too small [OEGB].
I actually have a antique scale that DH's mom used to weigh her chickens. Kinda beat up, but still accurate.
Well, I was weighing as they grew but since they have been outside I have not. My home scale only goes to 5lbs. I need one that goes over that perferly over 10 for I need it for soap later on too. It is just hard to find anything over 5lbs local.
Thats why I asked hoping for suggestion other than a $100.00 scale.

NYREDS Since I am breeding up, and am breeding just for heritage I wanted to get the right. I am not sure but I think my rooster is at right weight. Although he might be over so I need to know. I have some pullets at right weight I am sure but most are under. I tend to be picky and this is just for me. Not worried about selling or showing but I do want the correct chickens of the breed. So it is my pet project and hubby could care less as long as they cut mowing for him and give us eggs and meat when we need it. Just gotta the a hubby like that one. He even told me I could have more next year but I will keep numbers down and stay with just one breed.
You hsould be able to find a cheap digital kitchen scale for $20 or less - I got one that goes up to 15 lbs for about that, and things are usually cheaper in the States than up here.

Or as someone suggested, if you have a good accurate bathroom scale that gives you the same weight every time you stand on it (and that you don't mind hauling out to the coop
) you can use that.

Good luck, have fun,

Pat, who had to go out and BUY a good bathroom scale to weigh the 3 turkeys I recently processed so I'd know how long to roast them, which sucks, because now I have an accurate bathroom scale and sometimes ignorance is bliss

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