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9 Years
Dec 19, 2010
Victoria - Australia!
I have 7 boys that I dont need - they are 13 weeks old now. They are not a meat breed but I cant see any other purpose for them and have tried to give them away to no avail. There is a local company that will process home grown chicken so I am thinking of sending them there. So my question is: what is the minimum live weight I should aim for them to be and what is the ideal age. They haven't been on meat bird feed yet but hopefully if it is okay to grow them for a few more weeks i will switch them over now. They have been free ranging for a while so plenty of exercise, and they get wheat and cracked maize along with pullet grower.
Thanks for any advice in advance
They really won't have much size to them if they haven't been raised on a higher protein feed. I had some araucauna cockerels that were raised with pullets on a 16% or so protein ration and the last few weeks I gave them higher protein game bird pellets. I slaughtered them at about 18 weeks. I cooked them in a crockpot and stripped the meat from the bone and each bird only yielded 1 pound of boneless meat. I could have kept them a little longer but they kept escaping and crowing and just being a general nuisance. If you can get them slaughtered cheaply, it might be worth it. If you can slaughter them yourself, even better.
I agree with Brian above...if possible, process them yourself. The meat yield ends up being pretty low as there isn't much breast meat and bone seems to dominate the carcass.

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