Weight loss, drooping wings -one other dead in flock


Jun 2, 2017
I'm hoping to get faster responses here than on the facebook 101 group. I lost a chicken over last night. 2 days ago she didn't come out of the coop, brought her inside, she perked up after a night, then slipped into nothing within a couple hours. Discovered lice on her, but otherwise no idea what could have done it. I suspect Cocci, and the lice just drained whatever she had left.

Now I'm seeing the family favorite, panting unnecessarily, her wings are dropping, and she's using them to stay balanced when sitting down. Picked her up and she's also feeling really skinny, but she looks like she's been eating and drinking fine.

I started Corid today due to the million things I tried to do with little Nugget who passed, but I see that something's not right. I hate to isolate her from the group (now only 3), but it looks like that's going to be best. What should I start feeding her while she still has an appetite?

My husband is going to help me get some wood ash on her. I couldn't find any medicated dust at local stores, so I have to wait until amazon delivers some...but I did see the ash work quickly on our lost chick when I tried it last night.

What is the best stuff to be getting into her body while she's still upright and alert? My kids will not handle Princess Buttercup's loss as well as they did little Nugget. She likes to sit on their laps and is easy to handle (though I noticed she was particularly sensitive and skittish the last couple days, but I assumed adolescence)

Age: 3 months - the red sussex, the little black cochin was the one who passed. This was a couple weeks ago

Please help.
Scramble her some eggs and mix it with some fermented feed.
Basically just soak her feed in some water...
It will help hydrate her too.
Sardines are good too.
Both lice and cocci can kill pretty fast.
You did good starting the Corid.

Can you get some Nutri Drench vitamins?

Have you taking care of the lice yet?
How warm should the water be? Do you agree with isolation, or will she be happier with the other girls? I do not have Nurti-Drench, but I have Poly-vi-sol - I thought they weren't supposed to take extra stuff because it would make corid ineffective?

I can't get any good lice meds by me. I cleaned the coop (sorry ladies, they only get DE as their base tonight), I found some all natural "protection" stuff, and sprayed the whole coop down with it. And then use wood ash on the chickens until the Prozap comes through amazon prime.
It is also being shipped. We don't have a TSC close us. We have two farm supply places within 40 minutes (opposite directions), and neither had this today when I went.
Hi @MightyMama She will most likely be happiest with the other chicks. You can give Corid to them all, won't hurt.

Make sure the Corid water is the only water available. Offer poultry vitamins and some probiotics after they have finished the 5-7days course of Corid treatment.

Keep us posted.
Hi KikisGirls, is this something I should have on hand, like a "just in case"? Also which one would you suggest buying?
Any one...as long as it contains the p word...Permethrin.

What everyone should do is look at their birds very closely at least once a week...well maybe every two weeks.
It is also being shipped. We don't have a TSC close us. We have two farm supply places within 40 minutes (opposite directions), and neither had this today when I went.

Did you check all the livestock aisles? Many times the things we use for chickens are also used on goats, sheep, cows, and/or horses so the store many stock what you're looking for with other livestock products.

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