Weight loss, green poop, lethargic... Help!!!


Feb 27, 2016
My one year old silkie roo has not been moving much at all and started pooping green poops. We got him around two weeks ago and he weighs barely anything at all. I haven't really noticed him eating much of his food(which are crumbles) He isn't excited like normal chickens should be and has been sitting around the last two days. I have heard that somewhere that green poop means that the chicken has no fat reserve and the pop itself is bile. I thought that he had Marek's before, but now I'm thinking he might have been starving himself. I made some scrambled eggs for him and he ate almost all of it. Any help at all would be very welcome as I have never dealt with this kind of situation before and this little guy has won a place in my heart. Thank you so much for reading this and helping me figure out his problem!

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Keep him separated. It's possible he may just be malnourished.
Try wetting his crumbles to see if he will eat them, add egg, tuna, mackerel or meat for more protein.
Put some vitamins/electrolytes in his water.

You may want to take a fecal sample to the vet for testing of parasites/worms/bacterial/fungal infections.

Green poo can be diet - not eating enough, Marek's or some other type of illness.

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