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May 15, 2012
One of my hens is acting strange today. She was fine until this evening. They ate some corn cobs and pecked at some apples so nothing out of the ordinary. When I went out later she was in the corner of the coop yard. Standing there, but just staring. Not paying attention to the others walking/pecking around her or anything. It was almost like she couldn't walk or move. I got home at dusk and saw she had made it inside, but only barely. She is lying on the coop floor and is all "puffed up" looking with her butt in the air. I picked her up, and put her down and she took a few steps and there's nothing wrong with her legs. She's not lame in the least. It's like she just pauses. She made it back to her corner and is lying there again by herself. She always roosts with the others. She's going to be 3 yrs old soon. Could she be egg bound? I thought of that, but it doesn't explain why she's "freezing". It came on all of a sudden. Is she having a stroke or something? Any ideas?
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She could be egg bound. If you have a rubber glove and some lubricant you could insert a finger into the vent about an inch and a half, and gently feel for an egg. Try not to break it, but if it is broken get all of the shell out. If she is eggbound you can place her in a tub of warm water and the soaking may relax her enough to pass it. A dose of calcium would be recommended if she is egg bound. Hope you can figure out what is wrong. Check her stools sine coccidiossis may cause lethargy and puffing up.
What kind a calcium do I give her? The egg should be easy to locate if she is egg bound? I've had chickens 8 yrs and never dealt with this.

She's passing stool & it appears normal.
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Tums, an adult calcium tablet, or crushed eggshells in food. They sell liquid calcium at the feed store. You can also feel the lower abdomen while examining the vent. I haven't had it happen to my hens either. The warm baths are really supposed to help if they are eggbound. There are many threads to read on the subject in the search at the top of the page.
Thank you! You've been most helpful
It turns out that she was indeed egg bound, and passed it on her own through the night. She's back to herself :D
Next time just give her a human calcium pill orally and she should pass it in a couple of hours. Also, make sure she has access to oyster shell.


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