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Jul 25, 2014
Hi there!!

This is my second batch of chicks and I've noticed the feathers along the breast bone/center of under side are coming in very strange. My past batch of chicks were little fluff balls with no "bald" spots but my black australorp is developing the strangest feathers on her chest. I've been looking at posts and I guess it is normal for them to not develops feathers on the breast bone but I've never seen it in my flock before so I wanted to check.

My girls are on pine shavings, they get fresh shavings put on once or twice a day. There is also a concrete block that keeps their water stable and sometimes they sleep on that. It is away from the heat lamp so I'm not worried about the concrete getting too hot and burning them. They were vaccinated for mareks and are on medicated chick starter.


Let me know if this looks familiar to anyone!!
How many chicks have this?

I notice darker, yellowish clumpy bits mixed in there, what's the chances it's wet feed or poop that's gotten stuck into the feathers, and dried this way? Since it's just down, it's probably external cause, not internal, she may have gotten some yolk or whatever dried on her chest.

Best wishes.
I have five 6month old chickens and 2 almost 2weeks old. I gave the two a bath this morning and it seems to have really helped. I think it's just down that had gotten wet (I wash the concrete block because they constantly poop on it and since it's porous it takes forever to dry so goes in the brooder somewhat damp) they sleep on it/poop on it/drop water on it so it would make sense that all of that stuff could cause matting. I've yet to check the babies after their bath because they are sleeping/drying out but if it still looks strange after drying I'll post again. Thanks!!
It was definitely dirty/matted down from poop/food/moisture. The bath seemed enjoyable so she will be getting those every few days to keep herself looking pretty :) thanks for your input :)

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