Weird bumps on Gertie


Apr 22, 2020
My hen gertie has a weird bump on her face and foot. The one on her face came a few weeks ago and it’s getting bigger. At first I thought it was dirt and I tried to gently wash it off but it fell off and started bleeding. That was about two weeks ago and I cleaned it and put neosporin on it. We have just got back from being out of town and I noticed she also has a little bump on her foot. What are they?


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It looks like it might be an injury from metal fencing or something sharp. You could dab some iodine, vetericyn or Triple Antibiotic Ointment on it. The foot may be bumblefoot on top of the foot, but it could also be a peck wound. Bumblefoot may be treated with soaking the foot in warm Epsom salts, and it there is a scab, opening the scab to try and get out any pus inside.

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