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Aug 10, 2014
i have a coo ku maran and we have had a raccoon take 6 chickens but i don't know about her she is really slow and every time we let them free range she gets under our lawn chair and hides she is timid and skittish sometimes i just take her and cuddle her hoping it will go away. HELP!.....
also what is a ground threat thanks please hurry!
You have a "scared" chicken. She was terrorized by the massacre of the other 6. Do you have other chickens in the group? If she doesn't straighten up soon, you might want to put her in a small, safe place within the pen for awhile. Did the coon get in the coop, the run or while they were free-ranging?
today when we let them free range she was the first one in the run and coop to sleep
Sounds like she got over it. That's great! I hope you can shoot that coon. We've had one hanging around, but we've got the 22 loaded and ready. Told husband the shotgun might be better, but he said we'd scare the neighbors to death!
im sorry I guess you didn't understand no shes doing worse shes shakey and is sleep all day only drinks dosent run or anything we shot the coon 2 weeks ago
She may have been internally injured during the attack, she may have lost a bonded buddy in the attack.
That is a major upset in flock dynamics to lose 6 birds out of I don't know how many, it can take time(more than 2 weeks) for things to settle into the new 'normal'.
If she hasn't been eating, she has probably lost weight. Like aart said, it may take awhile. How are the other chickens treating her? Is she still sleeping all the time? You might try isolating her for awhile so she has her own food and water...and give her treats. If she is that emotionally stressed, she doesn't need competition from the rest of the flock.

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