Weird clicking?

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Aug 29, 2019
I have 4 chicks, all the same age (3 weeks), but one is still so much smaller than the rest! And when she breathes in i can hear this weird click. It's only when she breathes in! She's progressing at a very slow rate and doesn't have nearly as many feathers as the other chick. I got them from tractor supply, her and the other Ameracauna are from the same tub and the other two are from different tubs. Could it just be i need to change their bedding daily? Should I give medicated feed? It's not every time she breathes but sometimes it'll click 1 time then not 4 times then click 7 times in a row. It's very odd!
Generally those that fall behind have something internally wrong with them and will often pass in the first month.

Clicking can be sounds from the lungs. Bedding should be changed as necessary. You don't want wet bedding. You should also provide good ventilation.

Since it's only the one. I would assume something is wrong with just the one.
Thank you! She didnt pass aeay from anything respiratory related thankfully but sadly last night a dog got into my chicken pen. But if it ever happens again with new chicks I will definitely try changing the bedding more and seeing if it helps! Thank you again

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