1. E

    Broiler vs Layers

    Good greetings to you all. I want to stir up a contradictory topic.To get started ,broiler chickens are fleshier than backyard chickens although they on average take a mere 6 weeks to mature.In contrast to backyard chickens can take more than 12 weeks to mature and still may not be as fleshy as...
  2. SavvySilkieMom

    Can I keep Silkie Chicks that are almost 2 weeks apart together?

    If you followed my other thread you know I had 2 white bantam silkies 12 days old today. Unfortunately after all my efforts one has passed away leaving my healthy chick very lonely. My breeder said she will replace the chick with some hatchlings she has that are black silkies. My questions is...
  3. LCG Chicken Coop

    Health checks, medium size flock

    Hi, I'm using the term "medium sized" but I know this is all relative. I tend 17 chickens as part of my duty at our local Community Garden. As a novice "chicken tender" (fan of puns) I am going to incorporate weekly health checks on our young flock, which is about 10 weeks old. My question...
  4. Kikilemons

    Arthritis in Hens

    Does anyone know at approximately what age hens can develop arthritis in their joints?
  5. Barredbuzzard34

    Scraggly feathers

    My chickens are all probably about 6 weeks old, and most of them have nice, soft and sleek feathers. A few of them have feathers that look unkempt, like they haven't been groomed. Is there anything I can do to help their feathers become more healthy? Attached there is one pic of a bird with the...
  6. G

    Supposedly yellow eyelid looking red

    As in the photo, the upper eyelid of the left eye looks red. The same goes to the other eye except that it's not as red as on the side in the photo. Is there anything wrong? What should I do?
  7. D

    Dusty quail egg?

    I recently got a weird looking egg from one of my button quail hens. It's blotchy in color, and I thought at first it was dusty. I tried to wipe it off, but the blueish whitish color remained. Her eggs are usually the reddish tan color you can see between the blotches in the picture. Does this...
  8. jclausen

    Color of Waddles

    I have 4 RIR hens that are about 20 weeks old and all of them have very light red waddles. They are not bright red like I see in pictures. Does this mean they are not well? They act fine and do not show ant sign they are sick. Maybe just have not matured enough yet? Is there any need to be...
  9. Hartchicks

    Weird clicking?

    I have 4 chicks, all the same age (3 weeks), but one is still so much smaller than the rest! And when she breathes in i can hear this weird click. It's only when she breathes in! She's progressing at a very slow rate and doesn't have nearly as many feathers as the other chick. I got them from...
  10. chickmamat

    Is this bumble?

    6 month old, legbar mix rooster. I check my chickens feet every couple weeks for bumble and I keep their coop very clean. I just checked this guys feet a week ago and didn’t notice anything. Today saw a slight limp and checked his feet. The skin/scales on the end of his little toe are rock...
  11. The Chicken Keepers Health Armoury.

    The Chicken Keepers Health Armoury.

    There are various threads on what you should have as essential items to care for your flock. This list is what I've found essential. The bulk of these items are from European sources but with the pictures many should be quite clear as to what they are and what they are for. Fenbendazole wormer...
  12. D

    Help! White coturnix with stunted growth!

    I've been having some concerns lately about the growth of my white coturnix quail. I first got her from a chicken swap for $4 (mind you, this INCLUDED the cage, food, etc., so I was already sceptic), and took her home without an ounce of knowledge on any preexisting health conditions, much less...
  13. M

    What is wrong with my chicken? Leg issues

    So my chicken has had a dodgy leg for a while now. We did initially sort it but now it has come back. She eats and drinks fine but barely moves all day. And will have a huge limp when trying to move on her foot. I have to carry her into her bed every night and i'm not sure what this could be...
  14. Christopher28fair

    Proper water for chickens

    Given a choice between a freshly poured bowl of sparkling clean water and a one-inch-deep puddle of muddy slop they themselves are standing in, your typical chicken will choose the muddy slop every time.
  15. DuckFrenzy247

    Help! My Duck is Limping

    Hey y’all, So I noticed my Pekin Duck was limping yesterday... I picked her up and looked at her legs. I know that there is something called bumble foot, not sure if that’s what this is... her foot isn’t bubbles up but it is somewhat swollen and warm to the touch... so I know she has some...
  16. Thechickentrainer1999

    What are the must needs for keeping...

    What are the must needs for keeping long living healthy pet chickens (15+ years of age) besides a secure cage? Are there any medicines they should have on a regular bases besides just food and water?
  17. Scientific research on poultry

    Scientific research on poultry

    Scientific studies and reviews I found interesting. I've composed this list mainly for myself, but seeing as it can interest others, I'll post it publicly. Word of warning; I'm not educated, only interested in knowing as much about my hobby as possible. Will forever be updated... Language rated...
  18. TriciaChickens

    Need Advice!! Floppy Comb & Poopy Butt (3yr old New Hampshire Red)

    Hi all, Meet Lucy, my NHR. She is a mystery and I need some advice... First 1 yr ago she stopped laying eggs. No change in behavior and have checked her for typical worms, lice, mites, etc. No obvious health issues. And I feed them S&P layer. The other chicken (same age) is laying. And...
  19. Chickens: Why We Should ALL Be Eggcited

    Chickens: Why We Should ALL Be Eggcited

    To date, raising chickens has been one of the most amazing and unpredictable endeavors that I have chosen to pursue. To understand an ornery and interesting creature as the chicken is extremely eye-opening and initiates a perceptual shift in what most of people view them as being. So, sit back...
  20. J

    what are these bumps on my turkeys head?

    Hi, I noticed these bumps on my Male Turkey this morning. They are small, dark red/black, and are raised. One did "pop" while I was holding him for pictures and a very small amount of blood came out. My 2 female turkey don't have the spots, and none of my chicken seem to have anything. He is...
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