Weird color combination--Lemon Blue Cuckoo X Blue Copper Marans


11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
So I have a lovely Lemon Blue Cuckoo Marans rooster that was given to me by a BYCer because I needed another roo. And today, on impulse, I picked up three Blue Copper Marans pullet chicks at the hatchery when I went to pick up my other birds. Is there any way to figure out the results of a cross like that?

(I don't really care, I'm just curious. We only care about egg laying ability and don't breed show chickens by any means--just working girls).

Also, I remember the woman who gave me the rooster saying that I would be able to tell by the coloring of his offspring whether they would lay dark eggs or not. Either with the barring, or without the barring would give me an indication of future egg color. Anyone know which way it is? I have some of his chicks in the 'bator.

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