Weird-coloured egg... safe to incubate?


10 Years
Oct 22, 2009
Moonglade (EU)
My d'Uccles all lay a nice peach-coloured egg but suddenly one laid one speckled with white and today /completely/ white. What causes this? Would it be safe to incubate anyway?



The peachy parts of the first egg are what colour the eggs /normally/ are and then they went completely chalky white.
thank you, put them in with the others. I just wish I knew why they did this. Should I have posted in medical or something else for more replies? No other birds have access to the coop. This is a padlocked coop and there aren't any guineas running around this area at all
It's very strange indeed! I can't find any info at all about it when searching google.
It might be a thin shelled egg. Sometimes eggs move too fast or too slow through the reproductive tract, or even go back for a second round and so funny things can happen. As long as it's only once in a while, no problem. If it continues to be thinshelled, she might not be getting enough calcium. Candle the egg before setting it for incubation and if it is porous, you can chose to keep it in there if you are not short on space. Often thin shelled eggs loose too much water too fast.

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