Weird Duck Poop

honey and bee

In the Brooder
May 14, 2022
My ducks have started pooping like this since this morning, it’s interesting because they’re just little balls of poop. There aren’t any worms in them, and the ducks are acting totally normal. Is this okay?
What have you been feeding your ducks? Do you provide grit for your ducks?
They get normal pelleted food and some mealworms. I do give them grit whenever i give them lettuce or anything else, but since I haven’t recently they have not had any.
Hmm. Well I was thinking they could be passing grit or something not fully digested, but that is clearly not happening. Ducks poops can be rather diverse depending on what they recently ate.

@Miss Lydia and @HollowOfWisps does this look normal to you.
It’s not hard like a rock, but it’s not mushy either. They stay separate when I clean it up, so it could be some undigested food.

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