Weird eggs.....PICS


12 Years
Oct 11, 2007
OK someone in my flock is laying bizarre shaped eggs they are flat one on side and all wrinkly the have oyster shell free choice and no I am not sure which one is laying these they are normal size, not pullet.


No on the Infection and I only have 1 hen in there right now that is over 1 year and her age is unknown, but she is an EE and lays peachy colored eggs. Right now I have about 15 layers in the main flock and all except EE have been raised here, I have 1 game hen that is seperated right now brooding that came here older but most have been here since day 1.

Also the flat part is very easy to break but the rest is like rock.
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My hens did this when they first started laying. they felt like ping pong balls, a little squishy. so i started to give them free choice oyster shells and it stopped.

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