Weird Eye Disease?


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One of our chicken's eye looks very weird. It kind of looks like there if a bubble of fluid in front of her iris and pupil and everything. None of the other four chickens have anything like it. Please let me know your opinion!
Hello, I have an americauna hen with a similar issue. She has had this issue since she was a pullet. The bubbles seem to occur mainly when she drinks. I have tried to figure out what it is and how to cure it for years now but I have come to the conclusion that it is a genetic defect of some sort. She is going on four now and still going strong, though it causes her eyesight to be a bit off, that seems to be the only way it affects her. If other birds start showing symptoms of bubbles, or if it becomes clearly more severe (ours has had bubbles completely cover the eye at times but they could be cleared by wiping them away with a cloth), then I would be concerned. Hope this helps!
Its just one bubble. Here are some pictures, sorry they're not very good! That shiny part in the first picture is the bubble. It's just clear if you look at it from the side of the eye. I think the fluid that is in the bubble is warping her vision because she is unbalanced and more clumsy than usual.

We did put some Sevin dust on them because they had mites so if some had gotten in her eye do you think it could do this?

It's hard to tell from a picture but it almost looks like there is pressure from behind the eye pushing it out and distorting the shape. Her pupil looks mishapen and off center.
it says in my health book cloudy grayish dialated irregular pupil could be related to mareks disease. but her eye doesn't really look like a Marek's eye. this is very strange I would say also neurological. but I couldn't even guess what caused it or what to do.perhaps a brain injury? pressure of some sort. sorry I can't be of more help. good luck
I don't think this would come from her getting Sevin dust in her eye - she'd probably have her eye shut from that sort of direct irritation.

I've found a condition called iris coloboma that seems to be similar in description...I have found articles of it existing in chickens, but not a photo yet. This could be coincidental, but it's all I could find with searching "elongated pupil" and terms like that.

If you can take her to a vet, a bird specialist would be your best bet, I think. Depending on where you live, there may be an avian specialist around.

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