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  1. ok this may be the right spot for this one but who knows it does include a broody confused hen...

    My Cinnamon Queen has a weird thing about her she is very broody and I do mean VERY broody I have those plastic storage bins you know the ones you find at walmart etc. well my girl is trying to set a light bulb its one of those floodlights not a really huge one but a smaller version well ive taken it from her tossed it into the burn barrel. Well she will go and retreive it I have seen her do this and it will take her while but she will get it back to that bin get it in their then plop down she goes. Any bright ideas? (no pun intended)
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    Order her some hatching eggs and let her raise some babies! [​IMG]
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    I've heard the saying that some hens will hatch a doorknob, but that is funny!

    Some feedstores sell eggs made of plastic or ceramic that you can put in the nest to encourage chickens to lay. I've seen them in both white and brown. You can also use the plastic Easter Eggs. If she wants to be broody, then there's not a lot you can do about it, since it's hormonal. I'd bag up the lightbulb and find your girl something safer to sit on.
  4. I am thinking of letting her hatch out my buff silkies eggs my female silkie doesnt seem interested in doing it herself. This is also the hen that decided to break open a bag of aluminum cans and make a nest with them laying all her eggs then surrounding them with the cans right next to her aluminum condo is a lot of straw she is just a weird one.
  5. Quote:omg if I ordered some eggs the b/f would go through the roof lol I get about 6 dozen eggs a day they have dwindled down a bit due to the seasonal change. So I am sure I could scrape up some eggs for her. As I mentioned above I will probably let her have a go at the silkie eggs.

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