weird lookin air sacs?! Will they hatch?


11 Years
Nov 25, 2009
I just candled and my SHIPPED eggs look really weird. Their air sacs are about 1/3 of the egg and it is in a very weird shape. What causes this? What do I do? They are in my brinsea straight up and are in an automatic turner. The humidity is about 40%. Will these eggs hatch alright? Really nervous!!!!!! These are from Bobbi Porto!!
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Transport can be pretty rough on eggs- and the aircells can easily become detached. Thats why it is recommended that shipped eggs are rested for a while before being put into the incubator. Some movement is ok- and good hatch results can still be obtained- but if the aircell can move right from one end to the other- there is likely to be too much damage to the egg for it to develope. All you can really do is set eggs and wait til you can candle and see what developes. Hope you still get some to hatch.
Today is day 14 and I just candled and there is a lot of development. The air sacs is attached and I let em all rest. Its just the shape is really weird! I could see the chick and some movement. I will try to take a picture.
I have 7 shipped eggs that are just like that! Today is Day 21, and so far, no pipping. Here's hoping I get something. . .
Since the air sac already filled 1/3 of the egg which is what you want at day 18 I would up your humidity so they don't shrink wrap. When you place the eggs on there side for hatching you might try to get the side with the bigger part of the air sac on top since it sounds like they are lop sided, give them a better chance to get into the air sac.
We do have our first pip, and some of the others are cheeping. So there's hope!
My shipped eggs has really large airsacs as well. They are on day 13. I would think the little chicks are really cramped in there but I still see lots of movement going on in them. I see someone suggested upping the humidity but wouldn't that drown them with a week to go?

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