Weird night routines

Nov 25, 2020
Northeast Mississippi,USA
So my Henrietta has a weird night routine. She has been In a coop all her life and now with me she is free range. I think my dad used a ramp to get them up on roost and she isn't a capable flyer yet. She is in a temporary cage at night 6ft up a crepe myrtle, until my coop comes in.
Her uniqueness comes in because she can't get up there by herself. Instead every evening this never before handled chicken comes up on the porch and waits for me to pick her up and take her to put her in her cage. Pic of her in cage added for tax.
I love this. I'm so curious how you and her communicated that she wanted a cage in a tree?
Ha ha well she got really antsy at roost time the night I brought her home. I still had her on the porch at the time. I knew she was used to roosting off the ground at my dad's and I got the idea to put her cage up there. She settled down pretty quick afterwards. Now when i put her in she goes and lays down right away. She seems settled and I am less fearful of predators.

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