weird posture


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
So this afternoon I noticed one of my 7 week chicks walking kind of funny. Looked like what people describe with hens squatting whdn they are getting ready to lay. But this chick is only 7 weeks and one that I think is a roo. It was running just fine but when it would walk it was kind of squatting then it would stop an squat. Then 10 minutes later it wasn't doing it at all. At the time it almost looked like he couldn't decjde whether to does bathe or not. But then would go running (normally) off somewhere. Pooping and eating are normal.

anything I should worry about?
Could he have had something in his vent he was trying to pass?  Maybe it was resolved.  If it is a problem he may repeat the behavior.

I thought of that too Caroline. I did see him poop and it looked pretty normal. Who knows. I'll keep an eye on him. Kind of hoping its really a pullet after all and she was just practicing her squatting. :lau

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