Weird problem with my rooster

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    Nov 12, 2015
    My rooster is suffering from a weird condition its been almost a month now it all started with him suddenly jerking his neck to his right as though he were having a seizure, his legs would straighten up a get stiff as well then he would fall squirm around a little then stand straight back we thought maybe he needs a hen so we bought him one but that didn't fix the problem either he never went near the hen and when ever she did manage to get near him he would peck her really bad. we tried giving him some local poultry medicine and tried to change his diet but some how his condition is deteriorating in all this time he is still eating and drinking normally and now he sits most of the time and when he does attempt to stand, he does so with his legs being all wobbly and he barely walks a few steps and then falls down and starts squirming again. I need some help in identifying whats wrong with him and what type of cure should I opt for him He only 2 years old and he isn't crowing from the past two three days.
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    Jul 19, 2016
    Can you take a video of his seizure?Weird twitching in the head can be caused by a vitamin deficiency,Mareks or a Head trauma.I would keep him isolated in a dog kennel.Adding poultry vitamins to his water would help too as well as the occasional scrambled egg.What medicine did you give him.Is there a avian vet near you?
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    It sounds like he has something going on neurological in nature. It could be a seizure disorder or brain damage. Mareks disease can cause tiny tumors on nerves, and Mareks can affect the legs and wings, and cause lameness, loss of balance, and sometimes a twisted or drooping neck. But it doesn't sound like a typical case of Mareks. I would separate him from the hen for her safety, and put vitamins and electrolytes in his water. Make sure that he is near the food/water. If you decide to cull him or put him out of his misery, I would save and refrigerate his body for a necropsy, to be done by a poultry lab or state vet. That would be to look for Mareks or another cause of death. I can help you get contact information if you want it.

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