weird quail hen behavior


Nov 9, 2020
Shes just, very deliberately picking up big peices of sawdust/wood chips and putting them on her own back?

Shes got a whole little tower of them at this point.

She just a goof ball?
So iv been watching her more and I think it might be nesting behavior of some sort? She laid an egg in the hidden little hollow she'd scratched out next to the box and the male with her is now standing over the egg looking confused. I was kinda hopping she'd go broody and was putting Her eggs in the box as she laid them. Iv moved the other two to her little nest and the male went back and is standing over them again. Hes not sitting just standing and looking at them occasionally.

Girls off eating right now.
Coturnix quail rarely go broody, but it does happen. She may have some nesting instincts, but don't be surprised if she decides to sit on eggs then quits after a day or two.
Do you have 1 female and 1 male because if they’re happy in pairs and there’s no overbreeding problems I’ve found that they’re more likely to go broody. Also where are you in the world because if it’s winter I doubt she’ll go broody. I’m pushing mine because it’s summer here! :)
My chickens and quails do this all the time. It's a natural nesting instinct, so keep an eye out for nest building. They also do it when they're sitting on their nest. I think this behaviour would have originated as the hen covering herself up to hide her nest from predators.
I live in Chicago. These two are inside due to a having a small flock and the bigger male was trying to kill his little brother. I hatched my first quail out in Oct and got 7. Five females and two males. I brought one of the girls in to keep the poor guy company.

They've been in for a week now and she had just started laying eggs before being brought in. I left the three shes got right now in the pen and when she laid an egg in her little scratched out spot earlier I moved the other two over with it.

I was hoping she'd go broody. Raising babies is work I want her to do it all for me.😂

I thought going broody was like for a couple reasons

1. Going from the cold outside to warm inside simulates spring arriving
2. She has just started laying and isnt accustomed to laying her eggs and forgetting them
3. Her very excited boyfriend who can fluff and strut like nobody else and is obviously very handsome
4. Going from overcast skys to indoor lighting

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