weird questions.. got a bird with an occasional sneeze and is asymptomatic..

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    Apr 17, 2011
    So my DD little RIR bantam has had a sneeze for about 2 months without any other symptoms.. she sneezes when we open the coop or when we put new shavings down she sneezes while she scratches she sneezes ... she is otherwise really healthy no wheeze cough runny eye or nose GIGO is as normal could she have allergies??

    heres where it gets weirder

    a week ago 2 of my big girls developed a clear runny nose and one had clear foam in her eye, and a cough.
    the other hen had a wheeze and a cough. these two have been in isolation for 7 days as well. Both are being treated by duramycin actually all of the are being treated by duramyacin. x7 days so far.. they are about 30-50 % thinking of keeping them on for 14 days..the one with the foamy eye has had a clear foamy eye for months we suspect a straw injury as her eye situation comes and goes with absolutly no other symptoms

    the little red and the 2 BLRed pullets are perfectly healthy, except for the sneezy little red hen..

    1. what do you think the big girls have?

    2. how do you think they caught it?

    3 would you still take the little red one to a show ?

    would you take any of our birds to a show??

    4. what test would you have a vet check the red hen for?

    MW chickens
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    Oct 2, 2011
    I think it would be better to keep them back from a show. The stress could make it worse. I don't have any idea what could be wrong with your birds though. Maybe some thing akin to a cold for the sneezing one? Are they in an area with lots of chemicals? Good luck.
  3. MWchickens

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    Apr 17, 2011
    thank you[​IMG]

    there are no chemicals in our back yard we are butted up against a green belt...
    the red one seems really healthy as do the BLRs so its a tough one to figure out[​IMG]
    DD has a bird event on Feb 4th... so we have no birds to bring... although we may hazard to bring one of the BLR pullets..
    thanks for your perspective


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