Weird rooster!?


9 Years
Mar 31, 2010
My 6 month old rooster is mating with my duck! Has anyone have this happen & other than remove him from my yard what should I do? Thanks.....
Well, that's better than a drake mating with a chicken hen! Ducks have genetalia which protrudes and is invasive during mating while chickens do not. Drakes can actually injure chickens because of this.
At six months old they'll tackle anything. Had one who was in love with a plastic milk jug.
Wow, didn't think that was possible. Huh, live and learn, I guess.

I haven't had that problem myself, but then again, one of my ducks has always put some serious smack down on the chickens if they get too feisty too close.

Mounting is sometimes a dominance thing too... Maybe once your boy is through the adolescent stage he will knock it off, although I don't know if he is doing any harm to your duck or not.
I'm sorry but........

Well, he's still kind of in that dumb teenager part of his life. Can't expect him to be too bright/experienced
I have heard of cockerels jumping guinea hens, though, so I think sometimes they just get a little too excited.

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