weird shaped thin egg with "soft" yolk

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    I hope this is the thread where I need to ask the questions I cannot answer. I have a hen, 18 mo. old, who has always laid jumbo eggs and since she started laying has only missed 3 days to leave me an egg. I have her in a flock of 16. About a week ago I noticed her eggs where looking thin shelled and the small end looks wrinkled...almost like it "turned" when she was laying it. After their looking like this for 5 days I decided to break some for baking. The yolks have become more of an orange color...kinda like the yolk of a Maran egg (This hen is a mutt). The yolks are very soft to the point that even dropping them in the bowl burst the yolk. All the other hens eggs are fine...good hard shells. I feed my hens laying pellets, fresh veggies and snacks of bread. I always have oyster shell in the hen house for them. This really is a puzzle. Anyone have any idea what is going on?? [​IMG]
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    I don't know if this will even help but I like to give my chicks spinach. This seems to help my yolks.
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    The biggest problem is the thinness of the egg and why it changed so drastically. It is like the entire egg is just breaking down. I know there is a disease they can develop that causes the shells to wrinkle but don't know what it is called so I can research. Thanks for telling about the spinach...will try it!!

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